Monday, January 18, 2016

Cats Can Have Identity Crises, Too

We're raising our cats in a multi-language, multi-cultural household. At 22 months of age, So and Se don't distinguish between the languages we use – variations of "NO!" and "No-o-o-o!" in Vietnamese, Japanese, and English – but they still seem to identify with Vietnam, their country of birth.

Last week So asked if he was a Vietnamese, Japanese, or American cat, or if he had dual cat citizenship. When we explained that the law viewed him as Japanese now, he asked what "law" meant, but then got distracted by some fuzz floating across the floor and forgot that he'd asked a question. When I had his attention again, I said he was now a Japanese cat.

After getting over the initial shock (see photos below), he confessed to feeling "all shook up inside." Almost immediately he heard a crow cawing outside, leaped onto the windowsill, and the subject was dropped.

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